The Monterey Program for Executive Health is unwavering in its commitment to giving clients exceptional service with seamless access to physicians and leading-edge technology. We strive to help each client fully understand his or her medical picture, to facilitate a successful and healthier life. We also endeavor to go above and beyond to make each client’s stay as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our clients say about us.

The Executive Program provides the thorough assessment, awareness and prevention to build confidence in personal health management.

—Brian Swette
President, Sweet Earth Natural Foods

I recently spent the day at The Monterey Program for Executive Health for a complete physical examination. I found the administration, the professionals and the facility first class. This was the most comprehensive, efficient, and enjoyable medical experience totally unlike any other. Having all of the services in a one-day package is ideal. At the end of my visit, I felt like I received a return on one of my greatest investments—my health.

—William Young

In these days of rapid change in the health care industry I found The Monterey Program for Executive Health to be extremely vital. What better way to be comprehensively informed of current conditions thereby facilitating solid preventative measures to mitigate future risks. This program accomplishes this at the highest level.

—John Mahoney
Mahoney and Associates

For many years I’ve had to travel outside of Monterey to receive my annual physical at quality health clinics. Finally, when the Monterey Program for Executive Health was opened at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, I found a local alternative offering a service which equals the best I’ve had anywhere.

My experience there has been second to none. The follow through and constant care and concern that their clients receive is wonderful.

At my age, health becomes more of a priority every year. To have such a world-class clinic here on the Monterey Peninsula is fantastic.

—Ted J. Balestreri
CEO, Cannery Row Company

The Monterey Program for Executive Health was one of the most important decisions and steps I have made to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Geiler and his team opened my eyes and changed my health for the better. From diet and exercise, my entire health has changed for the better!

—Pierre Bain
Fandango Restaurant

After using the Mayo for my annual physical for many years, I decided to use the Monterey Program two years ago. I couldn’t be happier. The service, care and professionalism at least equaled the high standard I experienced with the Mayo. And right in our own backyard!

—Bob Alspaugh

Dear Dr. Packer and Trustees,

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your hospital for the excellent care we received during his current stay from 9-4 thru 9-16, 2012.

We wanted to make you and the board aware with a public acknowledgement of the outstanding staff you have. Not that you don’t already know this.

First we would like to thank you and the Board of Trustees for endorsing and implementing the new Executive Health Care Program. Simply put, Dr. Geiler and this program saved my life. Without it my lung cancer would have gone undiagnosed and untreated until it was too late.

Dr. Geiler is an amazing doctor and wonderful person to be leading this program. His persistence and patience is what got us through this. From the moment we found out until surgery was less than 4 days, due to him.

Dr. Greg Spowart and his team were excellent through surgery and follow up.

From Rebecca in Short Stay Care for Pre-Op through ICU then into the Main Pavilion, we were treated with respect, compassion and excellent care from your extraordinary staff. Literally, everyone we came into contact with during our 12 day stay was exceptional. The nurses, CNAs, food service, and cleaning staff, they all had genuine concern and caring attitudes, and always a smile on every face we saw. The staff made a difficult surgery and extended stay tolerable and as comfortable as possible.

Martha from Partners in Sharing was so helpful in being a liaison with our family and staff. She went out of her way to make sure we had everything we could possibly need during our stay.

In closing, we would like to make a small donation in Dr. Craig Geiler’s honor. We would like this money to be used on whatever program Dr. Geiler suggests.

You all should be very proud of the “little jewel” of a hospital you have made possible in our community. We definitely will spread the word on this program and the wonderful hospital.

Again, thank you and your amazing staff for the wonderful care you provided us with.

—Name Withheld

I take a proactive approach to my health and have been to other Executive Health exams as part of my medical routine. The Monterey Program for Executive Health was very different from the "big name" exams I’ve been to before. I was a person, not a number and I felt as though I was at a luxurious spa and not a health exam. It was very relaxing and I felt as though they had really thought through the exam from the patient’s perspective and not their own. I didn’t have to bend around their procedures, their procedures bent around me.

And the tests and procedures was more complete than the other exams I have been to. The day was very efficiently scheduled. There wasn’t much downtime, but I never felt rushed, anxious or felt as though I was even “on a schedule”.

The emphasis during the exam was on prevention, which was reinforced by speaking with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. I took away knowledge that will help me live a more healthy lifestyle.

Finally, the warmth of the staff came through from the moment I stepped into The Monterey Program’s Office. They believe in what they’re doing and it comes through in the little "human" things that other programs seem to have forgotten.

I can easily recommend The Monterey Program to anyone who takes an active interest in their health. I’m going back next year for my follow-up exam.


—Ron Elliott
CEO (Retired), Excelligence Learning Corporation

I found the program to exceed all expectations from beginning to end. Guess we would all like perfect outcomes, but being realistic at 71 it is comforting to know any issues I might have and be able to address.

—Ollie Nutt
CEO, Monterey Peninsula Foundation