What are the benefits of the program?

Knowledge is power. That phrase couldn’t be more accurate than with your health. When you complete the comprehensive executive physical with the Monterey Program for Executive Health, you’ll be equipped with the information and resources you need to take control of your health.

Here’s what we provide all in one productive day:

  • All the details taken care of—so you don’t have to worry about scheduling appointments, dealing with health referrals, or making sure the amenities you need are waiting for you.
  • A comprehensive physical exam, a full panel of screenings, and advanced diagnostic tests, to give you a complete analysis of your health.
  • A thorough evaluation of your current diet and fitness levels, and recommendations for optimum health.
  • An in-depth personal consultation meeting with a physician who will translate your results into a plan of action for you.

Here’s what you’ll receive following your visit:

  • A detailed report of your physical examination, including images taken the day of the exam, and recommendations for continued success.
  • A committed partner in your long-term health. Your physician and other medical team members, who understand your complete medical picture, are here for you for regular annual examinations.

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