About the Monterey Program
for Executive Health

The Monterey Program for Executive Health (MPEH) provides executive physical examinations to its clients, delivering exceptional service with seamless access to physicians and leading-edge technology from the resort-destination of the Monterey Peninsula in California. The only executive health program in the Monterey Bay Area and Central Coast, the Monterey Program for Executive Health offers an escape from the hectic pace of life, to a place of breathtaking beauty. While here for your executive physical examinations, you can also enjoy everything from premier golf outings to a Big Sur escape, spa treatments, fine dining, and fabulous accommodations at the hotel of your choice.

Our business offices are located at 900 Cass Street, Suite 101, Monterey, California, 93940. This is our mailing address. Our medical facilities are located on the Garden West level of Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, 23625 Holman Highway in Monterey, California. This is where your executive physical will take place.

An Executive Physical is a high level, thorough medical evaluation and is not typically a medical insurance benefit. Please check with your medical insurance agent. We do cooperate with private and corporate contracts. If you are covered under a corporate contract, the corporation or organization with which the contract is made will pay your service fees. If you are a private individual, we ask for payment one week before the day of service. As part of our service to you, we will prepare a claim for you to submit to your insurance company to determine if any component of the evaluation is covered or can be applied to your annual deductible or if you can use your health savings account. If any part is reimbursable by your insurance, that amount will be paid directly to you from your insurance company.

Knowledge is Power

The Monterey Program simplifies your care by demystifying medical jargon and equipping you with the information and resources required to take charge of your health.

We provide:

  • State-of-the-art electronic health records of all your results that you can securely access anywhere
  • A detailed report of your evaluation with your results, images, interpretations and recommendations—printed and provided on a convenient and secure flash drive

Corporate Packages Focused on Innovative
Preventative Health Monitoring

The Monterey Program for Executive Health offers corporate packages focused on innovative preventative health monitoring—tailored to meet the time constraints and medical needs of its top executive officers. The program’s serene and coveted Monterey Bay location will transform your company’s wellness plan into a productive corporate health retreat. Our corporate program focuses on advanced preventative health screening that fits within the time constraints and medical needs of top executives.

  • Offer the invaluable gift of annual executive physicals to your management team as an attractive corporate benefit for current employees and potential recruits
  • Help prevent diet and stress-related chronic illness caused by demanding schedules and sedentary habits common in the corporate setting
  • Secure the future productivity and success of your business